Passive protection against FIRE


The plates of GreeneBoard have an approximate density of 742 kg / m3, very similar to some existing materials in the market, but are able to deliver constructive solutions with a smaller number of plates to offer the same resistance to fire, it contributes very little weight to the constructive solutions.

Waterproof - Water resistant

The GreeneBoard plates are also capable of resisting the effects of rainwater when installed outside, without losing their properties or affecting the construction solutions implemented.

Uniform Thickness

As it is a plate manufactured industrially under a process control, its thickness is calibrated and uniform, which gives a great advantage when it comes to coating a metallic structure to which a thickness of fire protection has been defined in relation to its massive factor to achieve a certain resistance. In this case, on-site control is not required to verify that the protective coating that is being installed has a certain average thickness.


The GreeneBoard plates have a standard national format and are manufactured in thicknesses from 3 mm. up to 25 mm. Its most frequent applications are firewalls with fire resistance from 30 minutes according to the Chilean norm NCh 935/1. Another very common use is in the protection of metal structural elements, where its field of application has been affected by the lack of clarity and rigor in the application of the Chilean standard, which in practice ignores the issue of the massiveness of the structures. Even so, the solutions with GreeneBoard plates in metallic structures are an investment and maintenance of very low cost over time. These plates are also used in the manufacture of false ceilings with fire resistance, in the protection of ventilation or smoke extraction ducts, cubicles for elevators, lining of furnaces, boilers, lining of electrical rooms and in other very particular uses that have high temperature demands.

Resistance to fire and high temperatures

GreeneBoard plates belong to the family of refractories, this property allows them to work at temperatures as extreme as 1200 ° C without losing their physical and mechanical properties to protect or isolate fire in a fire.

Lifetime Warranty

Since it is a product made with natural components, the life of the GreeneBoard plates is very high, it has a lifetime guarantee.

Free of maintenance

Once the GreeneBoard plate is installed, for example on a metal structure, we can be sure that any coating applied on it does not alter its behavior in the face of fire

Construction fastness

The shortest construction period Construction is quick and easy with maximum durability.

The surface can be finished or unfinished.

The finishes on the surface of GREENEBOARD® do not affect its resistance to fire when it is used as a protection system for steel columns.

GREENEBOARD® does not require maintenance to retain its fire resistance characteristic. Most other steel column fire protection systems are derived from chemicals that require continuous maintenance.

Steel pillar protection

Wall against Fire